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The World’s Leading High Reflectance Film for Outdoor Solar Applications

ReflecTechPLUS mirror film is a highly-reflective, silvered film designed for decades of use in outdoor applications. It is used within solar concentrators and other reflectors that require outdoor durability. It is also the only mirror film with an abrasion resistant hard coat.

ReflecTech PLUS Mirror Film Attributes:

  • High Reflectance
  • Outdoor Weatherable
  • Ultra Lightweight
  • Abrasion Resistant
  • Commercially Proven
  • Low Cost
  • Self Adhesive

ReflecTechPLUS mirror film has high reflectance in the wavelength range important for harnessing sunlight for thermal power production. Hemispherical reflectance is plotted on the left axis while the terrestrial irradiance of sunlight is plotted on the right axis, both as functions of wavelength. The solar-weighted average of hemispherical reflectance is 93%.

ReflecTech mirror film is constructed of multiple layers of polymer films with a coating of pure silver for high specular (mirror-like) reflectance. ReflecTech mirror film was developed in the 1990s by scientists at NREL, which has provided SkyFuel an exclusive worldwide license to manufacture and market it. The product has been field tested at the solar energy generating station (SEGS) plants in California since 2002 with excellent results, and is used by third-party customers in various single curvature solar applications.

ReflecTechPLUS film is manufactured in the United States according to ReflecTech, Inc. specifications, using commercially available manufacturing equipment. Every step of the ReflecTech mirror film manufacturing process is high volume, unlike the slumped-glass process used for glass mirrors.

ReflecTechPLUS mirror film has undergone more independent testing in the laboratory and in the field than any other solar reflector in the world. The results of this lengthy and comprehensive testing program have been fantastic. Each of these tests and results are documented in the ReflecTechPLUS brochure and the scientific papers located on the Download Tab. The graph below shows that after receiving the equivalent cumulative UV dose of over 35 years of outdoor exposure, no degradation and no loss in reflectance were measured in samples of ReflecTechPLUS.

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